Grant Process

An Advisory Committee of recognized experts appointed by the Connecticut Fund for the Environment and the Natural Resources Defense Council assists the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven in reviewing applications and providing recommendations to The Community Foundation’s Board. Applications are reviewed to verify:

  • The need addressed in the proposal and other past or ongoing attempts to meet it;

  • The degree of benefit to the Quinnipiac River;

  • The expected results;

  • The adequacy of the proposed action to the named problem.

The Community Foundation Board of Directors will consider recommendations from the Advisory Committee at its March meeting.  Decisions will be communicated in writing by staff of the Foundation within ten (10) days of the Board’s meeting.  If a grant decision is favorable, you will receive with the confirmation, a contract specifying the terms of the grant including any special conditions, reporting requirements, and the payment schedule.  This contract must be signed and returned to The Foundation in order for the payment process to commence.

For more information about applying for a grant from the Quinnipiac River Fund, contact Denise Canning at or 203-777-7076.